CATMI 2023

Category Theory at Work in Computational Mathematics and Theoretical Informatics

Bergen, June 26–30

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Excursion on Wednesday

Wednesday afternoon is free. We organize two excursion events. If you want to participate on one of them, please sign up. See below for ticket instructions.

  1. A trip to Troldhaugen, home of composer Edvard Grieg. We depart from Hotel Terminus 11.50, take the city tram, and then a 25 minute pleasant walk. We arrive 12.50 at Troldhaugen, where we attend a concert at 13.00 lasting half an hour. After that we have (a simple) lunch (sandwiches, cakes and ice cream for purchase). You may then see the museum, have a guided tour in his villa, and walk around on the nice premises. There is a short walk down to the sea, where his grave is. Here it is also nice to take a swim if you like (and weather allows). You may stay around as long as you like, the trip back is easy to remember and is not organized.

  2. Boat trip through the inland fjords around the island Osterøy This is a 3-3,5 hour trip. We have lunch at Terminus. At 13.20 we depart from Terminus, walk to the harbor, and the boat departs at 14.00.

  3. You are of course also free to spend the afternoon as you like. For instance take a trip to Mount Fløyen or Mount Ulriken. From there you may also walk or hike inwards to the mountains behind Bergen. To Mount Ulriken there is a cable car, reached by a bus from the town center. To Mount Fløyen you can walk to the Funicular, which takes you to the top. The walk down from Mount Fløyen to the town center is easy and nice. It is also possible to walk from the town center to the top. This takes less than an hour.

Ticket information

Trip to Troldhaugen

Total cost travel and experience, around NOK300. Lunch comes in addition.

Tickets for Troldhaugen:

To get to Troldhaugen, you need tickets for the city tram. There are two options:

  1. 24 hour ticket at NOK105. Doing it one or two days before, this is maybe the most convenient. But you need:
    1. Google or Facebook account,
    2. credit card and
    3. preferably a mobile phone.

Log in to Skyss’ webshop. Choose “Buy season ticket”, and then choose “24 hour ticket”. You pay with your credit card. When the ticket appears, there is a small arrow icon on it. Clicking you can get the ticket by SMS (there are also other options, like printing or email).

  1. Buy single tickets NOK40, valid for 90 minutes.

This can be done at the ticket automats at the stops (but please do not do this when we depart, as there might be a line and our schedule needs us all to take the tram departing 12.00 from Nonneseter). It can also be done using your mobile phone: Send SMS to telephone number 2412 with code word: Vaksen You get a response, and the ticket then takes effect after 2 minutes.

Tickets for boat trip

These cost NOK790

You can get them at the Fjordcruise website

You can also buy tickets at the Tourist Information, Standkaien 3, next to the fish market. Openign hours Monday–Friday 8.30–19.00. But buy the day before, or early in the morning before the lectures.